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POINT | Heritage Development Consulting

Point Heritage Development Consulting offers coordination and planning for projects in historic preservation, cultural conservation, heritage tourism, and economic development related to heritage assets.  Today’s complex planning endeavors often call for a diverse array of skills and experience.  Point HDC uses a collaborative approach, bringing together the right individuals to create a team uniquely suited to your project.  Nancy Morgan, principal for Point HDC, is an experienced practitioner in the field of heritage development. With expertise in heritage areas, she plays an active role in all Point HDC projects.

By understanding your project and the diverse areas of expertise it requires, we build a team of professionals to address your project’s specific needs.  We consider a variety of factors as we create successful collaborations, including professional skills and experience, geography, personality, and the budget and capacity of the organizations we strive to assist.

Point HDC provides services in strategic planning and evaluation, grant-writing, government relations, signage and branding, and the development of interpretive programming and materials.

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